Real People, Real Reviews

We at Spectator have the highest respect for booster club parents and representatives, so we decided to let them do the talking. 



Shelly Williams - Manhattan High School

"With Spectator, it has been great to actually be able to reach out to our prospective contributors anywhere, any time, and without the manual tedious processes of sending mail and managing data on an excel sheet. The best part is being able to access our member database anywhere with a few clicks."

Tracy Boyd - Spencer High School

"When we sent our unique URL out to our contacts through the Spectator platform, we didn't expect a lot of people to join who had not joined for a while, but we saw a great return! The software itself is user-friendly for both us and our members. We see benefit now and in the future due to the ease of not only building a database, but also retaining members with help from the recurring billing and built-in communication features. I love the automated receipts that are sent to our members as well, and having everything in one place is incredibly helpful. Their customer service has been awesome, and Spectator also makes the transition process for new board members so much easier."



LeAnn Mather - Lebanon High School

"It’s really nice to be able to reach out to potential members we haven’t gotten in the past. By developing a good contact list, we are able to email them from the Spectator email platform, rather than mailing out paper forms and receiving checks in the mail. Recently, our smaller business memberships have dwindled off, and we feel this will be a good way to reach out to them and re-spark their support. Additionally, having all the members in the database will replace our spreadsheets and will eliminate the need to enter in all this information next year. This will allow us to contact people efficiently come next year, and will make life easier for them and decrease overhead for us."

Nikke Martin - Waverly High School 

"Being able to reach out to everyone online through different channels has been of great benefit to us. Posting our link so people can come directly to the site and contribute in just minutes is awesome."