we are looking for top talent wishing to work for a growing startup.

About Spectator: Spectator was founded in the summer of 2014 by University of Iowa students. The product is an online platform built specifically for high school booster clubs in order to streamline the process of recruiting and retaining valuable donors and members. Our mission is to help booster clubs across the nation raise more money, more efficiently for the benefit of their students and programs. We currently have customers spanning 18 states, and we are growing quickly. We are based in Iowa City, and are a team of 7, consisting of three co-founders, two highly skilled computer engineers, and two marketing/sales representatives. We have very high expectations for a company of our size, yet each of the founders highly values company culture, and we feel that when there is flexibility, independence, and camaraderie in the work environment, people feel more fulfilled. We are looking for a smart, driven, and capable individual to fill the following position:

Sales/Marketing Manager

- Generate leads through emails and cold calls, as well as follow up on leads obtained through our content strategies

- Convert leads to sales through process of customer education and relations (some sales will require more care/attention than others)

- Work with marketing team and content creators in order to help create useful, tailored content for our market

- Provide customer support when issues arise

- Approx. 20 hours/week

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