What is Spectator?

Spectator is an online booster club management system that brings the process of running a membership drive into the 21st century. We eliminate the need for archaic processes that consist of snail mail, stacks of forms and checks, and hours of staring at Excel, instead offering people the fastest and easiest way to join their booster club. We help booster clubs reach more of their prospective donors and members and enjoy better results in terms of funds raised, and members gained.

We care deeply about the growth and success of booster clubs, which is why our system is built specifically to fit the needs of booster clubs without breaking their tight budgets.

What is the cost associated with using Spectator?

Spectator charges booster clubs based on the number of active donors and members that have contributed to the booster club for the current school year. The tiers go as follows:

Tier 1: 0-49 members = Free

In the free tier, your booster club has the opportunity to try the product, and use us to GROW before you are ever charged for our service.

Tier 2: 50-249 = $30/month

That's right, you have to grow your booster club by 500% in order to be bumped up to our highest tier.

Tier 3: 250+ = $50/month

At this point, the sky is the limit! You can grow your booster club to have 20,000 members, we don't care! We don't up-charge once you've reached the 250 mark.

Is there a processing fee for online transactions?

There is a 2.9% processing fee that goes to our third-party payment processing system called Stripe, which is one of the most well known and widely used systems in the world. This fee is tacked onto the total that the prospective member/donor pays, it is NOT taken from the amount that the booster club receives. The booster club receives every dollar that their donors and members intend for them to receive. 

How does Spectator help us get more money and members?

Industry data shows that organizations that allow online donations increase their yearly revenue by 30%. Not only do we provide a platform through which you can accept online donations/membership dues, but with an online tool like this, we open up doors for you to reach many more of your potential donors and members through online channels. Examples include:

Social Media

By sharing your club's Spectator account on the various social media accounts, you are increasing your touchpoints with your target audience. They can click the link directly from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other site, and join the booster club in minutes. We allow members to share their sign up via social media as well so that their friends and followers will be prompted to join as well. This will help you reach a younger audience (i.e. your alumni) and will increase your chances of getting people to join or give year-round.

School/Booster Club Website

Utilizing your existing school or booster club website is a great way to drive people to your Spectator account. Many clubs have a downloadable booster club form, but that requires a laborious process for the member, and rarely do they take action. Many people don't own a checkbook, so they can't give even if they wanted to. Provide them with an option that takes minutes to complete, and allows them to use a credit/debit card just like they would when making any other purchase or donation online.

Email Lists

You most likely have access to some sort of email list, whether its a list of all the parents of student-athletes, previous years booster members/donors, or even a school-wide newsletter recipient list. Use these lists to get the word out about Spectator, and the fact that they can join the booster club in minutes by clicking the link. What's great is Spectator allows you to upload any email lists you have, and you can communicate with them through the built-in emailing platform (oh, and you aren't charged for the names in the database until they actually contribute to your booster club).

There are of course other courses of action that you can take to get people to sign up through Spectator, like putting the link on the existing membership form, or having a laptop at the booster registration table at the beginning of the year or at home games, and we highly recommend doing everything you can to maximize your booster club's membership and fundraising potential.

Security of our members' personal and card info?

Security is one of the highest priorities for us at Spectator. We use Stripe to process all credit cards, which, as stated above, is of the most well-known and widely used systems in the world. Major clients include Twitter, FitBit, Pinterest, and Lyft.

All personal information (phone numbers, emails, etc.) is stored using Amazon Web Services. Some of their major clients include Netflix, Expedia, Samsung, and NASA. That's right, your members' information is just as protected as NASA's files. Pretty cool, right?

How does the money get from our members to us?

When someone contributes to your booster club, there are three secure options for you to choose from as your payout method:

1. Connect your booster club's bank account via Stripe

Automatically deposited to your booster club's bank account

No transfer fee

2. Connect your booster club's PayPal account

Transferred monthly

$1 transfer fee

3. Receive a check in the Mail

Sent monthly to booster club address

$2 transfer fee


How is Spectator worth the money?

That's a great question, and there are a few answers:

We provide benefit to your prospective donors and members: 

We allow them to join when its convenient for them, wherever they are. Grandparents and alumni who don't live in town anymore would LOVE to give to the school, but it is not an option (or at least not a convenient one). Now they hardly have to lift a finger and they can give a generous contribution that automatically renews itself every year.

We provide benefit to your booster club:

As stated before, using Spectator is like being set free from the bondage to paper forms, poorly written checks, clunky Excel sheets, and the tedious tasks of stuffing envelopes or knocking on doors. We automate the process so member information is stored automatically on the booster club's database, and our built-in emailing platform saves you from copying and pasting emails into email servers and overloading them. We save you time and headache by managing your information for you.

It should pay for itself:

Our goal is for Spectator to pay for itself. We don't want you to use our system and stay stagnant in your fundraising. We hope that with the expansion of reach to more interested members, you will be bringing in more and more funds from people who are invested in what your group is doing at the school. And, let's be honest, we're not asking much considering the incredible value that we offer for the members, the booster club, and your budget.

Do individuals and businesses have to pay with a card?

Nope! We understand there are a few reasons why someone may not want to pay with a card. Maybe they're just old school, or maybe they are a business or individual contributing a large sum, and that 2.9% fee would add up. Anyone can go through the whole process, entering their information (so you don't have to) and at the end, they can select to send in a check (your booster club's address will pop up so they know where to send it).

We work well alongside your current processes as well. If you still have a portion of your members who fill out the form and send in a check, no problem. You can go into the system and add those members manually (and trust us, it's way easier to enter them here than on Excel).